Will Sting Star In His Musical?

Ever since Sting performed songs from his upcoming musical, “The Last Ship,” at New York’s Public Theater last fall, I’ve been wondering: will he himself ever star in the show? It’s slated for a full production in Chicago in the late spring, and Broadway in the autumn. Sting is not in the cast. But how can he bear to sit in the back watching someone else perform what is in many ways his life story? If he didn’t enjoy performing such personal material, that would be one thing. But he obviously does. And what happens if this arty show doesn’t sell many tickets? Does Sting then step in to juice the box office? The producers of “The Last Ship” are clearly looking at the big Broadway success of “Once,” which had no stars, and thinking they can perform the same trick. In the meantime, “Sting: The Last Ship,” which was recorded during those Public Theater shows, will air on WNET Thirteen’s “Great Performances” series on Feb. 21. Sting also released an album of the same material last Sept. 24.

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