Shirley Temple’s Link To Rock (And Grunge!)

Shirley Temple, who died on Monday, had a grunge connection: her daughter Lori Black, bassist for The Melvins, dated its leader Buzz Osborne, a crucial early influence on Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, who was a member of Osborne’s and Lori Black’s circle. Osborne has said that Cobain’s career was far less bizarre than what he termed the “massive skeletons” in the family closet of Shirley Temple Black, whose home he visited. “Everything that’s happened — from Nirvana going crazy and on and on and on — none of that holds a candle to how weird that situation was,” Osborne told Mark Yarm for his grunge history “Everybody Loves Our Town.” “That’s David Lynch weird,” said Osborne. And you thought Shirley was all sweetness and light.

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