The Queen Meets “The Queen” At The Palace

On Sunday, at the BAFTA awards, Prince William described Helen Mirren as ‘an extremely talented British actress who I should probably call granny’ following her film portrayal of Her Majesty. Now, it appears Mirren has had words with the real Queen about the moment the Duke of Cambridge presented her with an honorary fellowship award at the BAFTAs last night. The elegant actress, who could be seen wagging her finger at the head of state, was among around 250 stars to be introduced to members of the royal family personally at a glittering Buckingham Palace on Monday. Speaking about being introduced to Her Majesty, Mirren said: ‘You’re thinking “its the Queen it’s the Queen”‘ – and when asked if she still got starstruck, she replied: ‘Of course, even more so I think because I feel self-conscious, you know.’

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