Kim Earns $500,000 At Vienna Opera Ball

New York is in the midst of a Vienna festival, devoted to the Austrian city’s cultural riches. I’m not sure that this photo is quite what the festival’s organizers had in mind to promote the events: Kim Kardashian attending the Vienna Opera Ball on Thursday evening with Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, 81. The irony of a woman who couldn’t be a worse representative of America’s cultural riches attending the Vienna event was probably lost on Miss Kim. What wasn’t lost on her: money. This woman who is about to marry Kanye West turned herself into a high-class escort for the evening, pocketing $500,000 for going on the date. Unfortunately, a man in blackface acting like Kanye made a crude overture to her at the party. Some think that Herr Lugner planted the Kanye wannabe. He apparently wanted to squeeze maximum fun out of what he was paying for. To her credit, Kim kept her cool. Final thought: the photo does call to mind Count Dracula and His Next Victim, doesn’t it?

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