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“How I Met Your Mother”: Finale

Holy Anniversary! Batman Turns 75!

On March 30, 1939, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics No.27. To mark 75 years of … Read more »

Woody Allen Plays A Creepy Pimp

In the new movie “Fading Gigolo,” Woody Allen plays a creepy pimp. He sits on park … Read more »

Graphic (Christian?) Terrorist Defaces “Noah”

“Noah,” starring Russell Crowe, had a solid weekend at the box office, which apparently pissed off … Read more »

“Walking Dead” Finale: Nail-Biting

“The Walking Dead“‘s long, slow, at times frustrating, at times thrilling amble to Terminus finally came … Read more »

Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains

Navigating a restaurant menu when you have food allergies can zap all the fun from dining … Read more »

Lost Beckett Story To Be Published

A lost story by Irish writer Samuel Beckett (pictured) will go on sale next month — … Read more »