Academy Awards: What I Thought

Yeah, Ellen turned the Oscars into a version of her talk show: a downmarket roam-the-audience event that was distinctly lacking in class. But I can’t be too snarky about this year’s awards (winners here): I won my betting pool. Even though it looked as though “Gravity” was heading for best picture, having won 7 awards once Best Director was announced, I was glad I bet with my heart and selected “12 Years A Slave.” As for the highlights of the telecast: Jared Leto‘s speech had both substance and heart, Cate Blanchett was right-on to mention women, Lupita‘s win made the heart soar. Matthew McC was emotional, and yet: to have not mentioned the AIDS word was the allowable single lapse, but not to mention the man, Ron Woodruff, whose life you were playing? Really, Matthew? There’s a reason why people have a slip of paper to help them remember. Final note: my favorite acceptance was the rhyming speech concocted by the Lopezes, who won “Best Song” for “Let It Go.” Most memorable screw-up: the way John Travolta butchered the name of the Broadway star who sang the song: Idina Menzel. “Adele Nazeem” was Scientology speak for “Idina,” I guess.

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