McDarrah’s Portraits Of Tennessee & Others

Calling all New Yorkers: hie thee to the Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 West 23rd Street. There, through Saturday, is running “Fred McDarrah: Save the Village,” an exhibition of McDarrah’s photographs. James Wolcott has seen and approved: ‘Iconic is an overused word (sometimes it seems as if every word today is overused), but McDarrah’s shots of Allen Ginsberg as Uncle Sam, Bob Dylan snapping a salute, Andy Warhol’s superstar menagerie, Robert F. Kennedy in the shadow of martyrdom, Susan Sontag looking like a German silent-film star, and Jack Kerouac making like a lumberjack messiah are inescapable images of a dirtier, mangier, more creatively churning time that is receding into legend. The photo that delivered the most unexpected kick was that of a gutty Tennessee Williams (pictured), looking like a rogue right out of “American Hustle.”‘

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