Lupita: “The Friendship Of Her Thighs”

Before she was the belle of this year’s Oscar ball, Lupita (let’s just drop the last name: she’s a diva now) was a student at the Yale School of Drama. She appeared in the usual Shakespeare and Chekhov (“Uncle Vanya” is pictured, showing Lupita rocking a look considerably more masculine than her red-carpet appearances). She also starred in something called “The Friendship of Her Thighs.” It’s a play by Martyna Majok, about a shelter for abused women. Behind locked doors and windows, the young women of the house rehearse unique versions of burlesques to reclaim their sexual identities. I’ve been saying for awhile that after Lupita does her post-Oscar paycheck movie she should do a serious role on Broadway. Should it be “Thighs”?

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