Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: At last! The first rush-to-see film of 2014: “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” And the “300” sequel looks juicy. Television: If you want to catch up on “The Vikings,” click here. On Sunday, “The Good Wife” returns with a new episode, and “Cosmos” gets a reboot thanks to Seth McFarlane, Neil deGrasse Tyson and the widow Sagan. Music: I’ve recovering from “Let It Go” and “Happy” overload by listening to nothing but Schoenberg all weekend. Books: Events in the former Soviet Union have me reading Orlando Figes’ “The Crimean War: A History.” And Mark Harris’s new book, “Five Who Came Back,” about Hollywood directors during World War II, looks terrific. Sports: I’ve got a lot of college-basketball catch-up to do before March Madness descends. Finally: Slogan of the week: Be a volunteer, not a victim.

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