Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Veronica Mars,” a beloved TV show back in the oughties, becomes a feature. “Le Weekend” is the cream of the limited releases. Television: HBO marks time before the premiere of its new season (“Game of Thrones”) by showing “The Great Gatsby.” On Sunday, “Cosmos” brings part two. Music: Ray La Montagne’s “Supernova” doesn’t come out till May 6, but it’s already burning up the charts. Books: Of Chelsea Handler’s latest, “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” I would say: if you like this sort of thing, then this is the sort of thing you will like. What? You still haven’t dipped into Karl Ove Knausgaard’s series of autobiographical fiction, “My Struggle”? Sports: I’ve been to two Brooklyn Nets games lately, and had a great time at each. And not just because of Jason Collins. Finally: I wish I could say that spring is finally here — but I can’t. Not until all the snow and ice melt.

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