Ryan Gosling To Play Busby Berkeley?

I know that Ryan Gosling can sing (sort of), but can he dance? That’s the zillion-dollar question at the news that Warner Bros. Pictures is giving Busby Berkeley the biopic treatment, with the Gosling circling to play the famous director and choreographer of musicals from Hollywood’s golden age. The plan is to develop the project as an acting vehicle for Gosling, who also may direct. I assume that anyone intelligent enough to read LemonWade regularly knows who Berkeley is, but in case there’s a newcomer: Choreographer and film director Busby Berkeley became famous for his elaborate dance routines in Hollywood musicals like 1933’s “42 Street” and “Gold Diggers of 1933,” two of the many movies he choreographed for Warners. He was especially famous for his overhead shots in which chorus girls began shifting kaleidoscopic patterns, and he earned three Oscar nominations for best dance direction.

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