Ukraine Recovers “Borrowed” Works Of Art

Works of art that had been taken by officials of the government of Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president who was deposed in February, to decorate government buildings and his have been returned to state museums, Ukraine’s Culture Ministry announced this week. This comes after the widely publicized seizure of works from Mezhyhirya (pictured), Yanukovych’s luxurious residence near Kiev. Security camera footage released earlier this month showed Yanukovych directing workers as they packed paintings, sculptures and vases that he managed to take with him. Works that remained behind have been transferred “for temporary storage” to the National Art Museum of Ukraine for “inventory and expert evaluation”, according to a statement from the museum. “Since [Yanukovych’s] residence has been transferred to state ownership, the state must decide what will happen with these items next,” it reads.

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