20-Year-Old Obsessed With 80-Year-Old

In our youth-obsessed culture, the idea of elderly people having sexual desire is almost taboo, so little does the idea make it into the storylines of films or television programs. Desire for somebody 60 years older than you is seen by many as a sort of perversion. This makes it just the topic to be tackled by Canadian director Bruce LaBruce in his latest film “Gerontophilia,” which is being screened during at gay film festivals, and tells the story of Lake, 20, and Melvyn, 80. Meaning “love of old people”, “Gerontophilia” stars Pier-Gabriel Lajoie as Lake, who, despite being in a relationship with a girl, finds himself attracted to much older men. My favorite moment from the film: Lake confesses to his girlfriend that he “might have a fetish.” She asks him: “You mean like leather?” He responds: “ No, not that bad.”

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