Kevin Spacey Makes A Shocking Revelation

No, it’s not that he’s gay, which would be about as shocking at this point as Hello Ross saying he’s a bottom. No, in this new interview Spacey states, apparently without deadpan, “I’m a Brit.” He’s gone all Madonna-2002 on us. You see, because he’s lived in London for more than a decade and runs a theatre there, the Old Vic (he says he “started” it, but in fact he was named its artistic director), he thinks of himself now as one of them. Still has an American passport, though. He’s still dribbling the usual about his dating life:“Let’s let people live their lives and do it the way they want to do it. All the chips will fall in the end, and we’ll all be judged by a much higher power than Entertainment Weekly can.” Whoever said that Spacey shouldn’t live his life the way he wants to? It’s the silly coyness that’s annoying. For the record, I think Spacey’s a terrific actor.

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