Michael Palin: A Lot Of Python Was “Crap”

Their best-loved sketches are quoted all around the world by fans, but it appears not everything the Monty Pythons touched turned to gold. Michael Palin, the comedian, has admitted “a lot” of their sketches were “crap,” but long-forgotten by fans who only recall their “gleaming” successes. Palin, the broadcaster and wonderful travel writer and TV-travel host, said his career had been sprinkled with “lowlights and cock-ups” along the way, which he will now disclose in a new solo tour about his career. The Pythons are to reunite this year for a final set of live performances, resurrecting their best-loved sketches – including the Dead Parrot and the Spanish Inquisition – for fans. Presumably, the old lads will leave out the crap.

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