Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Brick Mansions” stars the late Paul Walker. I have an aversion to Cameron Diaz, so will not be seeing “The Other Woman.” Television: On Friday, Great Performances brings us Matthew Bourne’s “Sleeping Beauty.” After all the Sunday-night dramas (“The Good Wife,” “Game of Thrones”), “Silicon Valley” helps clear the brain. Music: Iggy Azalea’s latest, “The New Classic,” is anything but. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Joyce DiDonato’s “Drama Queens.” Books: I love the fact that a volume so devoted to Karl Marx is the number-one seller in America. I mean Thomas Piketty’s “Capital” of course. Sports: If the Nets can reach the second round of the NBA playoffs against the Heat, I’ll be a happy man for a minute. Finally: I try to do a gratitude list everyday, but, when I forget, I’m secretly grateful that I forgot.

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