Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I had fun at “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” though Andrew Garfield will never be my favorite Peter Parker. If you like PBS’s “Masterpiece,” you’ll probably like “Belle.” Television: Watch the Pennsylvania Ballet’s 50th-anniversary celebration on Friday. “Resurrection” has its finale on Sunday. Music: Ray LaMontagne’s “Supernova” album is highly listenable: sample here. I’m finally catching up to The Black Keys’ “Turn Blue.” Books: I’m pleased that my old pal Michael Cunningham is garnering great reviews for his new novel, “The Snow Queen.” Sports: The Mets’ payroll is 40 percent of the Yankees’, but their winning record so far this season is as good. Things don’t look hopeful for the Nets. Finally: Still waiting for that first day when I feel spring-warm rather than spring-cool.

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