Where Will Nazi-Looted Art End Up?

The Kunstmuseum Bern is now saying that it is the “unrestricted and unfettered sole heir’” to Cornelius Gurlitt’s treasure trove of art, according to several reports. According to the Daily Mail, one of several accountings of the aftermath of Curlitt’s death, “The 81-year-old son of Adolf Hitler’s art dealer, whose collection included many pieces looted by the Nazis, had made a will shortly before his death” earlier this week. German authorities are said to be angry about this development — and museum officials, whose institutions were stripped of many of these works must be too. Gurlitt was clearly angry about the way he was treated in the last few years; now he has got revenge. Speaking of anger: What about the families whose art was stolen by the Nazis and Gurlitt’s father?

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