“The Royals” TV Show: Watch The Trailer

Here’s a trailer for the E! channel‘s first scripted series, “The Royals,” created by One Tree Hill’s Mark Schwahn. The hour-long drama follows a fictional British royal family led by Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley, pictured), a liquor-swilling, table-dancing, fancy hat-wearing modern matriarch who will do anything to protect her family’s reputation. The 20-second teaser features Hurley playing to type — read: posh and sassy — as well as plenty of the debauched antics that you’d expect from a show by the “OTH” creators with the tagline “anarchy in the monarchy.” Unfortunately it’s not slated to premiere until early 2015, so in the meantime, you’ll have to get your faux royals fix from “I Wanna Marry Harry,” whose premiere date just got bumped up to May 20th. Spiffing!

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