“Classically Cannabis” Concert In Colorado

Is this the way to keep orchestras from dying? I mean, it isn’t as if nobody has ever shown up at a concert already high, right? And the Colorado Symphony Orchestra’s first-ever marijuana-friendly concert, held last week, had an awful lot of rules. First, you had to be one of the lucky 250 or so who scored an invitation to the event, since the May 23 brass quintet concert, the first of four “Classically Cannabis” fundraising shows in the symphony’s “High Note Series,” wasn’t open to the public. Then, you had to be at least 21 years of age and bring your own cannabis. Finally, warned a lengthy disclaimer on the Web page for the event, each of the guests who donated at least $75 to attend assumed all risk associated with using pot; concert-goers had to agree to not hold accountable “the Colorado Symphony Orchestra … and their owners, partners, employees, directors, officers, agents, affiliates and related entities” if something went horribly wrong.

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