Sinead O’Connor’s New Album Is Boss

Sinéad O’Connor has confirmed details of her 10th album, which was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy campaign. “I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss” will be out on 11 August from Nettwerk Records. Posting a statement on her blog, the singer explained how the Facebook executive and “Lean In” author’s PR campaign – which says that using the word “bossy” can stop young girls from pursuing leadership roles – was a turning point for the singer. ‘Originally, I had a different title, “The Vishnu Room,”‘ O’Connor wrote, “but a few months back, when I saw the phrase ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss’ and Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy campaign, I wished I could rename the album … It can be tricky being a female boss, and I think Sheryl’s campaign is a terribly important one.”

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