Must We All Apologize About Everything?

Jonah Hill apologize for using a slur after he was taunted by a photog and lost it. Pharrell (pictured) has apologized after choosing to pose for the cover of Elle magazine in the U.K.: he wore a Native American headdress that many people — not Washington Redskins fans, apparently — find offensive. (Justin Bieber’s apologies are meaningless: he’s a hot mess who needs to go away and get help.) Personally, I believe that each time we think we have wronged someone we should say sorry. But this week I have been asking myself: would old-school stars — Katharine Hepburn or Bette Davis or John Wayne or Bing Crosby — have apologized every time they did something stupid? They weren’t afraid to be hated. Thank God they all existed before social media began hounding people much worse than the paparazzi can.

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