Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: The literary success of “The Fault In Our Stars” is going to be matched onscreen: the flick’s goopy as hell but effective. Why do I feel that every time I buy a ticket to a Tom Cruise movie (his latest is “Edge of Tomorrow“) I’m supporting Scientology? Don’t forget DMW Greer’s navy-pilots drama, “Burning Blue.” Television: Sunday brings the finale of “Cosmos,” as well as the 68th Annual Tony Awards. (My predictions here.) Music: Since Carrie Underwood had a big success with the live TV broadcast of “The Sound of Music,” why not put another sexy country star, Miranda Lambert,” in the next such project, “Peter Pan”? Lambert’s new top-selling album is “Platinum.” Books: Thomas Piketty’s “Capital” and Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch” have something in common besides their impressive sales figures: wordiness. Sports: I’m in serious NHL-playoffs mode. Don’t speak to me for at least a week. Finally: When I think of all the new episodes of “Orange Is the New Black,” Mae West comes to mind: Too much of a good thing can be…wonderful.

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