Brad Pitt’s WWII Movie: New Footage

Jeffrey Wells comments: ‘Genuine verisimilitude in the depiction of 20th Century warfare (such as Stanley Kubrick‘s depiction of WWI trench warfare in “Paths of Glory”) is out the window these days. I despise this state of affairs but I accept it. All 21st Century action-conflict movies are more or less expected to (a) somehow out-perform the last similar action-conflict movie in terms of outrageous grandeur or explosions or audacious visual effects and (b) have to deliver X-treme action scenes that defy basic physics and blow your socks off. I don’t know how David Ayer‘s “Fury” (Columbia, 11.14), starring Brad Pitt, will actually play, but I’ll be flabbergasted if it doesn’t follow these mandates.’

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