Sweet Jesus: Spike Made A Horror Flick

Of Spike Lee‘s latest, The Guardian says: ‘The transformative nature of blood has inspired deep thinkers of theology as well as the crass schlockmeisters of cheap-o horror. For Spike Lee, his newest picture “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” is a hearty gulp from both glasses. Shot on a shoestring budget (and partially crowdfunded through Kickstarter) this tale of hemato-addicted lovers has a few gross-out moments, but is more interested in stylized, jazzy performances [by Zaraah Abrahams and Stephen Tyrone Williams] set in manicured interiors with a high-definition snap than it is in jump scares. While the story could be reduced to a standard slasher of the VHS era, Lee’s presentation is rooted in European arthouse cinema, resulting in a peculiar film that may be uneven, but is too unique and enjoyable to dismiss.’

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