Farrah, Jacko Died Five Years Ago Today

Poor Farrah Fawcett: Unhappy in life, unhappy in death. Why? Because her demise five years ago today was overshadowed by that of Michael Jackson. (In our “modern” age, the death of Jesus would have been overshadowed by that of Michael Jackson.) So let me raise my non-alcoholic glass today to the memory of the Charlie’s Angel, who somehow managed to survive her stint on Broadway in 2003. You don’t remember it? It was called ”Bobbi Boland,” and it was a comedy starring Farrah as a former beauty queen. It ran for only a week of previews, but I managed to see the last performance, as one of my spies tipped me off that it wouldn’t make it to opening night. It wasn’t quite a so-bad-it’s-good disaster on the scale of “Carrie,” but it was worth every penny of the ticket I uncharacteristically bought.

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