Summer Holiday: What To Do This Week

I’m off to the heartland this week to have an extended Fourth of July holiday. Unless some huge cultural news occurs, I don’t plan to be posting. Here’s are a few suggestions for while I’m away. Books: Curl up with a classic: “Love in the Time of Cholera,” the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘s Caribbean romance. Its tropical ambience, rich with fragrances and the drip of hot days and even hotter, passion-filled nights, is perfect for summer. Music: For me, summer means rock ‘n’ roll: I no longer enjoy the crush of hearing metallic sounds live, but I do enjoy rolling down the window and turning up the volume of Judas Priest, Springsteen, and Chrissie Hynde. Sports: If you’re tired of the endless World Cup, tune in to the Tour de France, which begins on Saturday, or the Wimbledon finals this weekend. And there’s always the Yankees, at least when Tanaka pitches and he gets some support from the too-often-anemic offense.

Movies: It doesn’t open until next week, but the best Hollywood movie of the summer is “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” Get your tickets now. Read THR’s review here. Andy Serkis, who plays the head ape Caesar, deserves an Oscar nomination. Finally: Enjoy the 4th. And let me cite a politician I normally shun: Dick Cheney, who said, “Freedom means freedom for everyone.” Not just corporations and churches.

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