“Mouse Music” Roars To Life

My website partner Jerry Wade is raving about a new documentary called “This Ain’t No Mouse Music!” Here’s the official description: ‘Chris Strachwitz is a detective of sounds, an archaeologist of the deep American music, music with roots that strike straight into the country’s heartland. He is the guiding force behind the legendary Arhoolie Records, producing albums that the Rolling Stones and many others played the grooves right off of. Since 1960, Strachwitz has been recording the authentic pulses of the great American music, throbbing away in the backwoods of the nation. His label offers an unparalleled catalogue of blues, Cajun, wild Hillbilly country, Tex-Mex and New Orleans R&B.’ One quibble: isn’t there something a wee bit condescending about calling anywhere “the backwoods”?

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