“Gracepoint” Remakes “Broadchurch”

Fox has chosen “Gracepoint” as the name of its remake of the hit Brit TV series “Broadchurch,” but a rose by any other name still smells similarly. To wit, “Gracepoint” borrows story points from “Broadchurch” and, most lazily of all, casts the same actor, David Tennant (left), as the lead detective. The creator of both programs, Chris Chibnall, tells THR he isn’t worried about confusing audiences, mainly because “Broadchurch,” though a huge hit in the UK, drew only marginal audiences in the US on BBC America. It remains to be seen if “Gracepoint,” shot near Vancouver but set on the northern California coast, can do any better. It premieres October 2nd. Tennant’s costar is “Breaking Bad”‘s Anna Gunn (right).

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