Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Sex Tape” looks raunchy and unfunny. “The Purge: Anarchy” would be better on TV and for free. Television: “The Strain,” on Sundays, is gross, but I’m still watching. I’m enjoying the young Inspector Morse episodes on Masterpiece Mystery!, though I’m looking forward even more to next week, when there will be the first of new Poirots. Music: Jason Mraz is the gayish-straight singer whose new CD “Yes!” is too mellow for my taste. But I wish him well! Books: Whenever I see someone drinking a green smoothie I think of Linda Blair’s vomit from “The Exorcist,” but if you don’t then you will probably appreciate “10 Day Smoothie Cleanse.” Is “My Antonia” my favorite American novel? Sports: It’s the dullest time of year in professional sports, which must explain why I’m watching arena football. Finally: Why is Christmas in July so much jollier than Christmas in December?

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