Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: There’s a new “Sin City” flick, and “If I Stay” is this month’s teen weepie, but the film with the best reviews of the week is the mature-gay “Love is Strange.” Television: Sunday brings MTV’s VMA blow-out. What will be this year’s Miley moment? Jack Davenport was deliciously detestable as the theatre director in “Smash,” and now he stars in this Sunday’s Masterpiece Mystery: “Breathless.” Music: Brad Paisley’s new release provides “Moonshine in the Trunk.” Streisand’s upcoming CD, “Partners,” features duets with predictable subjects: Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and Streisand’s son, Jason Gould. Books: Matthew Thomas’s novel about an Irish-American family, “We Are Not Ourselves,” has gotten terrific reviews. Sports: NFL is still deep in pre-season, but I’m gearing up for the U.S. Open. Finally: Weather’s been kind of alright this summer, hasn’t it?

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