Emmys: Same Old, Same Old

Last night’s broadcast merely reminded me why the Emmys are the most boring of the four major American awards shows: the Oscars have prestige, the Grammys have live performances, and the Tonys have a high-school-put-on-a-show charm. The Emmys are seriously lacking in entertainment value, though host Seth Meyers (pictured) did his best. They seem to nominate the same people every year, and the same people win every year. This time, those same people were the producers and actors of “Breaking Bad” (nothing against the show, but thank God! it won’t clutter up the Emmys anymore), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep” is spectacularly unfunny), Jessica Lange (another facelift?), and “Modern Family,” which beat my favorite, “Orange is the New Black,” for best comedy. Next year the awards should take a hint from Lange: have some work done.

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