Survivor Casts Homophobic Ex-Ballplayer, Gay Broadway Couple, And “Amazing Race” Twins

In other words, it’s the usual lame attempt to create “controversy.” I never watch “Survivor” (life is too short to waste brain cells on “reality” shows, except “Amazing Race“), so I won’t be following the week-to-week nonsense. But I thought you should know that the new edition will have ex-baseballer John Rocker, who made waves in 1999, when he gave an interview to SI in which he managed to be blatantly racist, xenophobic, and gay-bashing. And as far as I can tell he hasn’t reformed. Would CBS have a swastika-wearing Nazi on the show? A Jew-hater? Of course not. But it’s acceptable to give gay-bashing racists a platform. CBS thinks it is “balancing” the “Survivor” cast by having a gay couple with Broadway credits. That isn’t balance: it’s pandering.

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