Teddy Bear Cookies: Too Cute?

There is a certain criteria that baked goods have to meet to be considered awesome. They must be sweet — that’s an easy one. They can’t be burned — this one’s a little trickier. And now, thanks to Japanese chef and blogger Maa Tamagosan, they have to be absolutely adorable, too. She has forever changed the way we will look at dessert with her nut-huggy teddy bear cookies. Tamagosan posted a recipe for her teddy bear cookies on her blog and we can’t decide if we want to eat them or store them in our pockets as a constant reminder of all that is good and cute in the world. (We’re leaning toward eating them because they’re cookies, duh.) Tamagosan’s bear cookies have their arms wrapped around almonds, cashews and walnuts. The bear cookies are relatively small, which makes the sight of them holding the big nuts even cuter. For those who have nut allergies, we suggest swapping in fun-sized candy bars. There’s one downfall to this most adorable of cookies: The recipe is in Japanese. If you speak Japanese, that’s not a problem for you, but if you don’t, we suggest giving Google Translate a try.

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