Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: The prestige fall releases still haven’t happened, but if you’ve been waiting for years to see “Forrest Gump” in IMAX, here’s your chance. Television: On Friday, PBS gives us a program about contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley. On Sunday, HBO premieres the final season of “Boardwalk Empire.” Music: Ariana Grande has been disparaged as the “mini-Mariah,” but I listened to her new album, “My Everything,” all the way through, and I haven’t done that with a girl diva in quite a while. Books: The hopped-up British style of David Mitchell’s new novel, “The Bone Clocks,” takes a few chapters to get into, but the book repays the effort. Sports: One more weekend of tennis (U.S. Open) before I dive headlong into football. Finally: I saw a shop window this weekend with a Christmas display. I wish I lived in a Buddhist country, where I could be spared the months of this commercial nonsense.

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