Judge Judy Remembers Joan Rivers

No, that’s not a facelift Hall of Fame. It’s Joan Rivers, Cindy Adams, and Judge Judy, and their driver, Cecil Marrow. Judge Judy remembers her pal Joan in this interview. Judy is promoting a new book, “What Would Judy Say?” Judy said: ‘”I think it’s a compliment to have my name mentioned in the same sentence with Joan. She was fearless. I’m not quite as fearless as she was, but I think if you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory, number one. And number two, probably one of the worst afflictions of this last half century were the two words “political correctness.” In too many ways political correctness has been a bully.’ I love the Judge, but let’s face it: on her court TV show, she makes her living by being an occasional bully.

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