Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Tina Fey? Jane Fonda? Adam Driver? “This Is Where I Leave You” sounds like a watch-on-the-plane movie to me. “Pump” is an intriguing documentary about our oil addiction. Television: “The Roosevelts” wraps on on Saturday night: I’m in withdrawal already! “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” which I missed in movie theatres, airs on HBO on Sunday. Music: The news that Yusuf/Cat Stevens will be coming to perform in the U.S. for the first time in centuries has boosted his CD sales. Books: The new Martin Amis novel, “Zone of Interest,” about the Holocaust, has been generating controversy, but I didn’t find it objectionable in the least. Sports: I have to confess that all the NFL scandal is making me think twice about watching football lately. Finally: Put away the tank tops: autumn has arrived.

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