Broadway Now Serving Food To Seats

The revival of the 1940s musical “On the Town,” now in previews at the cavernous Lyric Theater, has broken ground for Broadway: serving food to people in their seats during intermission. The table service currently involves cocktails, or course, and rather simple fare like popcorn, but I predict that soon stinkier stuff will be included, and the theater will start reeking like a movie house, with nachos, hamburgers, and fried-chicken odors clogging the air. As long as there is a market for this stuff, and few people complain, this trend will continue. Like most theatergoers, I pay a premium to go to plays precisely because the environment is not like that of a multiplex. Once they are exactly the same, I will go to theater less often, just like I go to movies much less frequently than I used to.

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