Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I found “Gone Girl” long though well-made: not a date movie! If you want some pre-Halloween horror, try “Annabelle.” “Keep On Keepin’ On” celebrates jazz great Clark Terry. Television: Inspector Lewis returns to PBS for a final round on Sunday. On the same night, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the rare comedy amidst the weekend dramas. Music: That darling Susan Boyle has a new album, “Hope,” of sixties-pop inspirational hits. Have you listened to the latest Ariana Grande album? Great for doing the housework. Books: Bill O’Reilly’s latest, “Killing Patton,” is riddled with his usual inaccuracies — perfect for the Fox News crowd that makes all O’Reilly’s books into bestsellers. Sports: The Royals are delivering the excitement in the MLB playoffs. Finally: Obama’s decisions as Commander-in-Chief will soon result in as many American casualties as the decisions of George W. Bush.

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