TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Downton Abbey: More dithering about Lady Mary’s romantic future. The episode’s grand moment came when Lady Mary, calm as a police horse, made the case for a woman’s freedom in sexual mores, causing the Dowager to reply that free will did not apply if you were “the daughter of an Earl.” Grade: B+. The Good Wife: A seed case submitted to Christian arbitration was a snooze, and Alicia’s protesting too much about running for state’s attorney had a painfully obvious conclusion. Loved the Gloria Steinem (pictured) cameo, tho. Grade: B-. Homeland: is a total reboot. Gone are the Brody brood: Jessica and the polarizing, über-emo Dana, who proved to be even more grating than that other whiny spy-baby named Dana from “True Lies,” as well as Carrie’s father. The deviating family melodrama has been replaced by shrewd spycraft. Maybe I’ll give this show another shot. Grade: A-. The Strain: The season 1 finale finds our Scooby Gang finally taking on the Master, but as you might guess, things don’t go quite as planned. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the show was renewed for a second season. Grade: B-.

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