TV: Sunday Night Scorecard

The Good Wife: “Just one glass of wine” before dinner eventually gets most people in trouble. Including, in this episode, Alicia Florrick. Grade: B+. The Affair: I didn’t like “In Treatment” (from some of the same creators), so it’s no surprise I didn’t care for the premiere of this show, starring Ruth Wilson (pictured). If you are interested, click here. Grade: C-. The Walking Dead: They’re baaa-ck! I was agape at the eight-and-a-half-minute pre-credits sequence of this “No Sanctuary” episode, which finds Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Bob on their knees in front of a trough that will catch the blood from their soon-to-be-slit throats. Grade: A-. Boardwalk Empire: The show heads into its final two episodes with Nucky front and center. Thing is, it’s hard to get all riled up for his upcoming war with Charlie Luciano and Meyer Lansky, because we’ve seen a version of it before, at the end of almost every season. Grade: B-.

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