Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Downton Abbey: The deja vu of the plotlines is becoming exhausting. Lady Edith is once again having to decide about keeping her child in a foster family, Thomas is given the same old boring struggles about his sexuality. Move on, Downton! Grade: C+. The Good Wife: The great Jan Maxwell appeared as a tech-company CEO, and Alicia finally announced for states attorney and reaped the golden headlines. Grade: B. The Walking Dead (pictured): The characters returned to the grim business of survival, and the ending pulled a nice fake-out with Bob before delivering him to the former Terminans, now all but officially known as the Hunters. Grade: B+. Boardwalk Empire: Two major characters were bumped off last week, so this week felt anti-climatic. It looks as if next week’s series finale will be even more anti-climatic. I’m left wondering why I kept up with this show at all. Grade: C-.

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