Louis CK Plays Tiny Comedy Clubs

“I like doing shows for 18 people,” says Louis CK, not playing a lucrative private gig for oligarchs, as you might expect a comic of his stature, but onstage at a tiny comedy club in New Orleans. One of the planet’s highest profile comedians, CK has been showing up unannounced at small bars in the city and performing extended sets for free. While faithful local comedy fans bask in the vindication, others run frantic, text-message-triggered gauntlets across town to try and catch him. Most, though, miss out on the latest in a series of CK’s unscheduled appearances, resulting in much gnashing of teeth on social media. The comic is in town filming the upcoming biopic “Trumbo,” also starring New Orleans’ own John Goodman and “Breaking Bad”’s Bryan Cranston.

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