TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Downton Abbey: There was a death tonight (unexpected), and Lady Edith is flitting about as ever, daughter in tow. And poor Thomas (played by Rob James-Collier, pictured) is being tortured (still!) about his sexuality. Grade: B. The Good Wife: Elspeth must test high in CBS focus groups, cuz she’s made a triumphant return to this series. In other news, Alicia and Diane reclaim their old suite of offices. Grade: A-. The Walking Dead: Gareth didn’t last long, but the character left a mark. Gabriel’s origin story is revealed. Grade: B-. Boardwalk Empire: The series finale was predictable (poor Nucky!), but also rather poetic. I still don’t know why I stuck with the series, but I’m glad I did. Grade: A.

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