Elton: Make Pope Francis A Saint Now!

For Sir Elton John, his An Enduring Vision benefit in New York City on Tuesday night was an opportunity to not only raise money for his AIDS Foundation, but also to celebrate marriage equality. Wearing a sequined black blazer and sitting down often since he was recovering from knee surgery, John noted the growing acceptance of gay marriage throughout the U.S., and applauded Pope Francis for embracing tolerance and compassion, as shown when he asked about gay marriage. “‘Who am I to judge?’ What are we waiting for? Make him a saint now. He did more with those five words than the last five popes,” he said on the Cipriani Wall Street stage. “He is my hero.” Really, Elton? You do realize, don’t you, that all the supposedly “bad” recent Popes like John Paul II consistently preached a non-judgmental policy toward everyone, not just gays, so Francis isn’t really saying anything new. And you also realize, Elton, that while you and all kinds of other gays and women swoon about this Pope that the teachings of the church regarding female equality and birth control haven’t changed one iota? Meaning that multitudes of people, especially in Africa and South America, are still making unwanted babies and transmitting HIV in order not to commit mortal sins in the eyes of the Pope and his henchmen? The willingness of gays like Elton — who took blood money from ultra-homophobe Rush Limbaugh — to collaborate in their own oppression never ceases to amaze me.

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