James Brown Isn’t Buried Yet

I couldn’t believe it, either, but that’s what the King of Soul‘s chauffeur says in a new book, according to the Guardian: ‘William Murrell is the don of drivers – the chauffather, if you will. For 30 years he has been the man behind the stretch-limo wheel for the stellar likes of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mary J Blige, Chris Rock, Don King and the Reverend Al Sharpton. But more than their chauffeur, he has been their conspirator, their confidant. He knows where the bodies are buried – or not buried. “He’s been dead since 2006 but he still hasn’t been [properly] buried – he’s at his daughter’s house,” alleges Murrell of the godfather of funk and soul, whom he drove for 15 years, to concerts, restaurants, even his doctor. “They muminized [sic] his body so he would never rot, at $140,000 cost. Why? When you got almost 20 kids and six wives it’s hard to get you in the ground.”

‘Brown was officially married three times and is said to have sired a mere nine children, but why let a little exaggeration get in the way of a good yarn? Murrell has a lifetime’s worth of tall tales, although only a few of them have made their way into his first foray into literature, 365 Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm – Wisdom and Wit by William.’

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