Ashley And Her “Psychological Support Dog”

It would be easy to snark about Ashley Judd‘s need to carry her dog with her wherever she goes. It is not just a beloved pet. It is a “psychological support dog.” People are increasingly getting such an official designation for their pets so they can take them everywhere. There are guide dogs for the blind, and now there are support dogs for the depressed. I’m sure having the beloved animal along for every public appearance is soothing, and it’s not that new: plenty of European monarchs in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries took their lapdogs to official openings. Still, the trend could get out of control. At the movies, for example. (Ashley is pictured promoting her new flick, “Big Stone Gap.”) It’s already extremely taxing to try to watch a movie while everyone around me is staring at bright cell phones, talking incessantly, and bringing fried food into the cinema. Now we’ll have yapping Yorkies, too?

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