Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies I’ll wait to enjoy “Dumb and Dumber To” when it’s available at home…”Foxcatcher” is depressing but well-acted. Television: “Gotham” is one of the few new fall series that I keep watching…The first “Worricker” was good enough to make me watch the second one this Sunday. Music: “Der Rosenkavalier,” with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (that’s Betty Blackhead in English) may be my all-time favorite opera recording…Garth Brooks’ “Man Against Machine” has a couple of good cuts, no more. Books: Need an emetic? Then read younger President Bush’s memoir of his pa: “41: A Portrait of My Father“…Why am I re-reading “Ulysses”? Sports: The prospect of Dallas winning the Super Bowl was making 2015 look bleak already. That was until the Cowboys started losing. Finally: Only six weeks until Christmas is over. Let the countdown begin!

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