“State Of Affairs”: Should You Watch?

I tried, really tried to watch the premiere last night of “State of Affairs,” the NBC show with Katharine Heigl. In it, Charleston Tucker (Heigl) is a woman who drinks too much and sleeps around to dull the pain of her life as a CIA analyst who gets involved with some people who may be terrorists. Sounds like “Homeland“? No, Charleston’s not crazy, she just has some PTSD. Plus, Heigl’s blowout is way better than Claire Danes’s. Should you watch? Depends how you feel about Katherine Heigl. Yes, she’s gained the reputation for being “difficult” because she does things like call out Hollywood heavy-weights she used to work with, like Shonda Rhimes and Judd Apatow. Her movie career as of late seems to have suffered because of this and public perception of her. Now she’s back on TV playing a majorly unlikeable character. Is it possible that hating Katherine Heigl could be an asset to this show?

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