JC Mitchell To Return To “Hedwig”

Hooray! John Cameron Mitchell, the writer and original star of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” is returning to her miniskirt, wigs and high heels. Mitchell said on Thursday that he will take over from Michael C Hall, the current drag star “Hedwig,” in the Tony Award-winning Broadway production on 21 January 2015. (Oh, and by the way, Mitchell recently corrected me when I referred to the character and show as “Hed-wig.” It’s pronounced “Hed-vig.” Got that?) “The extremeness of what I have to do is the daunting part, getting my voice back and my body back,” Mitchell said. “It’s the emotional side that I’m most curious about and most excited about.” Mitchell made his Broadway acting debut in “Big River” and has also performed in “Six Degrees of Separation” and “The Secret Garden.” He co-wrote “Hedwig,” about a German male transsexual rock singer, with composer Stephen Trask.

It opened Off-Broadway in 1998 and ran for more than two years with Mitchell as Hedwig. A film of the story inspired by Plato’s writing about the origin of love was made in 2001 with Mitchell both starring and directing. He said he hasn’t done the full role in 15 years and is working on a sequel “fitfully.”

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